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Database Training Overview

Database applications can range from the very simple to the highly complex. You may just want to create a simple card-index style system to take over from your over-burdened filing system or Excel spreadsheet or you may want to create a sophisticated data store for your organisation or e-commerce site. The aim of our database training courses is therefore to cater for the whole range of sophistication possible, from our Introduction to Microsoft Access training to our Relational Database design course.

Throughout, we keep the training as simple as possible to allow maximum access to the power of databases to the non-systems user. We also however give a good conceptual grounding throughout our database training, so that your designs remain sound and most importantly, expandable.

It also means that, should you wish, you can then build on what you've learned and move into more complex areas of database usage and design. For this reason, we have also designed our courses so that they can be taken in series, building into a comprehensive database design, administration and manipulation course. Our Introduction to Microsoft Access training course starts with only the very simplest database concepts, yet it allows you to move step-by-step to the next level so that by the time you have completed the MS Access training and the Relational Database Design training, you will be in a position to create, manage and use highly sophisticated multi-table systems.

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