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PHP Training Overview

PHP has established itself as the major technology in the area of small to medium-sized e-commerce sites, not merely because it is free, but because it is so easy to learn.

But it can deliver a few surprises. Even the most experienced programmer can be in for a nasty jolt when trying to pick it up. Yes, the syntax is straightforward, but it introduces a lot of deeper systems design issues that anybody without web applications development experience will find challenging. N-tier architecture, state management, the relationship with your database, using Style Sheets, all these areas and more need to be thoroughly mastered before you can create stylish, dependable and efficient web applications. PHP also has hidden depths, such as the use of object-orientation and a very comprehensive suite of functions and configuration options, and your web sites will greatly benefit from a knowledge of them.

Our PHP course therefore starts with an elucidation of these conceptual areas and aims to consolidate your knowledge of them by giving practical examples as the course progresses. Our PHP training also therefore serves as an excellent introduction to web applications and middleware in general, allowing you to progress more easily into other e-commerce and enterprise applications development areas.

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