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.NET Training Overview

.NET is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for integrated solutions, allowing you to develop Windows applications, Web applications and complex enterprise and e-business systems all within one unified environment. This means all you systems are integrated, you get the maximum efficiency from your code and you need expertise in only one development tool. It is also your gateway to the commercial opportunities presented by being able to do business with the increasing number of large private and public bodies who now expect e-business capability from all their suppliers.

All this power does however make life difficult for the people responsible for an organisation's IT training. They are faced with many questions:

  • With such a vast array of languages and disciplines, where do we start and how do we structure our learning? How, say, should our Visual basic Training fit in with our ASP Training?
  • Who needs to learn what? Managers and senior architects will need to have a strategic overview while developers will need a more nuts and bolts approach.
  • How do we train staff not merely in the different technical areas involved, but also in all the underlying disciplines? It's not merely a question of C# Training or ASP.NET Training - before any of this makes any sense and for your developers to gain all the benefits of the .NET system, they need to understand it's underlying Framework, the principles behind middleware and n-tier architecture, Web Services and many more areas besides.
  • How do we get comprehensive coverage, but only so far as it meets our particular needs? We don't want to pay for what we don't need.

Our approach helps to deal with all of these problems.

.NET Course Structure

We start by giving you a simple training strategy like the one above that is both comprehensive yet integrates the subject areas logically, knowledge gained in one section building on what came in the previous ones. We then customise this structure:

  • All courses are modularised, so parts can be dropped where you either already have expertise or have no need of it. This modular structure also allows parts of other courses to be included, or whole new courses to be quickly and easily built from scratch.
  • Each course is built around developing an application. You specify one that is most suitable to your organisations needs and we design the course around that.
  • We not merely impart technical knowledge but also the conceptual knowledge of the underlying disciplines.
  • Each course can be given in the language of your choice.
  • As in the above diagram, we create different learning streams for the different types of systems people in your organisation.

We recommend that you read through each of the following course profiles, identify those most suited to your individual needs and then contact us to see how best we can customise them to meet your requirements.

All our courses are based on Visual Studio 2005 and version 2.0 of the .NET Framework.

Courses Offered

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