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Fabian Associates IT Training
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Fabian Associates - Providing IT Training for the Modern Organisation

Programming - Database - E-Commerce - Project Management

Fabian Associates has been created specifically to meet the increasingly complex IT training demands of the modern organisation:

  • We don't provide standarised courses, but customised, flexible learning that meets your specific needs.
  • Our courses can easily be combined to provide the integrated IT training strategies that today's more more complex systems development demands.
  • We provide a broad range of technical and managerial courses to meet the more rounded needs of your staff.
  • All this at a far lower cost than our competitors.

We can accomplish this because of:

Our Scientific Approach

Using the most scientific design methodologies, we develop learning materials that can be simply and quickly combined to configure entirely new courses and entire learning packages - and our methodology allows you to participate closely in their creation. We offer 1 day's free consultancy to allow us together to explore how best we can meet your needs.

We're A New Type of Provider

We are not just trainers; we are analysts, designers and educators. With a wealth of experience in both industry and academia, we have both the commercial sense and the intellectual depth to accurately determine your needs, design your course and then deliver it efficiently and sympathetically.

Our Broad Range of Skills

We can provide you with all types of IT Training; with .NET Training, Project Management Training, Java Training, Database Training, Microsoft Access Training, we cover a broad range of the organisation's system needs.

Our Dramatically Lowered Costs

Our design efficiencies and lean company contours mean that we can keep costs way below our competition and still produce materials of superior sophistication. We also offer discounts for first-time customers, multiple bookings and charities.

If you're an experienced user of training, we can free you from the rigidities of the past.
If you've not used IT training before, we can make it financially feasible.

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