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Project Management Training Overview

In the modern business world, project management is seen as an approach that not merely provides efficiency, but also employee empowerment, cohesive organisations, well-managed customer-supplier relationships and overall, that vital competitive edge.

Thus it has become the concern not merely of the professional project manager, but of all staff concerned with development. And as larger customers look increasingly to their smaller suppliers for a similar commitment to efficiency, it is now a discipline needed within the small business as much as in the larger organisation.

The aim in our Project Management training and our Prince2™ training is therefore to make this highly complex and involved discipline as accessible as possible to the non-specialist. Rather than immediately bombarding the student with the jargon and the often arcane detail of its methodologies, we start from a common-sense view of a project and build up an understanding of the relevant concepts and approaches from there. We also keep our project management training courses focused on what you need to get out of project management, rather than looking at techniques as ends in themselves. These project management training courses are therefore as much about deriving value from the project management process as about the process itself.

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