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Java Training Overview

In gaining a knowledge of Java, you will not only be learning a programming language, but also gaining entry to a whole wide world of systems development.

Java has established itself as the language of choice for Web and commercial Windows Programming, and through the J2EE infrastructure is the current leader in the area of Enterprise Applications Systems. It also leads the way in mobile applications with J2ME and is an important tool in the rapidly expanding world of Web services. A competence in Java will therefore mean that your skills will always be in demand and that the choice of work open to you will be varied and interesting.

It is also an ideal way of learning to program as our Java training courses provide a gentle introduction to the major contemporary programming methodologies of object-orientation and graphical user interaction. Armed with the good conceptual knowledge that our Java training courses give you, you will be easily able to pick up other popular programming languages such as C++ and the .NET suite.

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