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Introductory Programming with Java

Course Overview

Learning to program with Java has numerous advantages. It is not only the accepted language of the Web, it is one of the principle tools used in the commercially thriving world of mobile communications, Enterprise Applications and Web Services. It also provides a gentle introduction to object-orientation and graphical programming.

This java training course gives you an introduction to the basics of programming and also a firm foundation on which to build your knowledge of these more complex and dynamic areas.

What You Will Learn

  • Programming Java using an IDE
  • Basic Java Syntax and Structure
  • Basic Object-Orientation
  • Creating Windows Applications and Applets


Novices with an interest in learning commercial programming


Essential: Experience of Windows
Desirable: Basic programming experience, such as working with VBA, macros, scripts, school/college programming experience etc.


2 days


Learning Unit 1; Your First Program

1.1 The Java IDE

1.2 Wrting Code

1.3 Controls

1.4 Event Handling

Learning Unit 2; Basic Program Structure

2.1 Classes

2.2 Methods

Learning Unit 3; Java Coding Basics

3.1 Variables

3.2 Data types

3.4 Expressions and assignments

Learning Unit 4; Disciplined Coding


4.2 Indenting

4.3 Debugging

4.4 Testing

Learning Unit 5; Introduction to Object-Orientation

5.1 Instancing a class

5.2 Making use of a class

5.3 The basic structure of a class

Learning Unit 6; Decisions and Iteration

6.1 The If and Switch statements

6.2 Iteration; While, Do and For

6.3 Nested structures

Learning Unit 7; Introduction to Applets

7.1 Creating your Web Page

7.2 Linking to your Applet

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