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Intermediate Programming with Java

Course Overview

If you've taken our Introductory Java training course, then this will complete your grounding as a commercial Java Programmer. Those who have acquired basic programming skills elsewhere will also find it useful.

This is where you are not merely introduced to the more advanced aspects of Java, but you get an introduction to the highly commercially dynamic areas of Enterprise Systems development with J2EE and Mobile Communications with J2ME.

What You Will Learn

  • Advanced java Syntax and Concepts
  • Advanced object-orientated concepts
  • Exceptions
  • Advanced Grpahics
  • Introduction to Enterprise Systems (J2EE)
  • Introduction to Mobile Communications (J2ME)
  • Introduction to Web Services with RMI and CORBA


Anybody who has taken the Introductory Java Training course or who is familiar with basic programming skills (preferably including some basic object-orientation).


Essential: Basic programming skills (basic syntax and structure, screen design and event-handling, decision and iteration structures).
Desirable: Some experience of object-orientation.


2 days


Learning Unit 1; Review of the Introductory Course

1.1 Coding Basics

1.2 Introduction to Object Orientation

1.3 Decisions and Iteration

1.4 Introduction to Applets

Learning Unit 2; Large Data Structures

2.1 Arrays

2.2 Collections

2.3 Vectors

2.4 Hashtables

2.5 Enumertion Objects

Learning Unit 3; Error Handling

3.1 Error Checking

3.2 Exceptions

Learning Unit 4; Advanced Object-Orientation

4.1 Writing classes

4.2 Wrapper classes

4.3 Inheritance

4.4 Polymorphism

4.5 Abstract Classes

4.6 Interfaces

Learning Unit 5; Advanced Graphics

5.1 Advanced AWT

5.2 Swing

Learning Unit 6; Streams

6.1 File-handling

6.2 Communicating over TCP/IP

Learning Unit 7; Running Concurrent Programs

5.1 Threads

Learning Unit 6; System Management

6.1 Deployment

6.2 Security

Learning Unit 7; Java's Wider Capabilities

7.1 Mobile Communications with J2ME

7.2 JDBC and database connectivity

7.3 Web Services with RMI and CORBA

7.4 Enterprise systems development, n-tier architecture and J2EE

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