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Intermediate Programming with VB

Course Overview

If you've taken our VB.NET training introductory course, then this will complete your grounding as a commercial .NET programmer. It is also aimed at those who have had some exposure to basic programming concepts and now want to move up to a more advanced level and learn something about .NET and object-orientated programming.

As with our introductory course, we can also customise this one to give you C# Training or a mixture of both VB and C#.

What You Will Learn

  • Arrays and Collections
  • Advanced object-orientated concepts
  • Web applications and web services
  • N-tier applications
  • Introduction to other .NET languages and the broader .NET framework


Anybody who has taken the VB.NET training introductory course or who is familiar with basic programming skills (preferably including some basic object-orientation).


Essential: Basic programming skills (basic syntax and structure, screen design and event-handling, decision and iteration structures).
Desirable: Some experience of object-orientation.


2 days


Learning Unit 1; Review of the Introductory Course

1.1 Windows Forms

1.2 Coding Basics

1.3 Introduction to Object Orientation

1.4 Decisions and Iteration

1.5 Error Handling

Learning Unit 2; Data Storage

2.1 Streams

Learning Unit 3; Large Data Structures

3.1 Arrays

3.2 Collections

3.3 Generics

Learning Unit 4; Advanced Object-Orientation

4.1 Writing classes

4.2 Inheritance

4.3 Polymorphism

4.4 Abstract Classes

4.5 Interfaces

4.6 Delegates

4.7 Anonymous Methods

Learning Unit 5; Running Concurrent Programs

5.1 Threads

Learning Unit 6; System Management

6.1 Assemblies

6.2 Namespaces

6.3 Deployment

Learning Unit 7; Introduction to the .NET Framework

7.1 The CLR

7.2 CTS

7.3 IL

7.4 Metadata

Learning Unit 8; .NET's Web and Enterprise Capabilities

7.1 Data and ADO.NET

7.2 Web Forms and ASP.NET

7.3 Web Services

7.4 n-tier Architecture and Enterprise Systems Development

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